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We Provide Stationary and Retractable Awnings, with an Option for Enclosure for Residential & Commercial Purposes 

Not using your home patio because you are afraid of being exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun? Could your company benefit from an additional outdoor seating or display area?

Welcome to M & M Sign & Awning, where we make outdoor living possible for Long Island and New York City residents and businesses. How will we accomplish this? We manufacture and install some of the finest patio awnings and enclosures in the state. The best part is that our installations are guaranteed to last the entire year. This includes protecting you from UV rays in the summer and rain or snow in the winter.

So, are you ready to bring home comforts to your outdoor space? We will not let you down if you entrust us with your project!


Pick the Right Patio Awning for You & Start Enjoying a more comfortable Outdoor Space

Not sure whether you should get a traditional or retractable patio awning? Well, once you realize the benefits of having an awning installed, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

So, what exactly are these benefits? 

Protection From the Elements

Awnings, both stationary and retractable, provide excellent protection from the summer heat, which can reach unbearable levels. The best part is that your awning will be useful when you need to protect yourself from strong winds, light rain, or snow.

Lowers Indoor Temperature

Unfortunately, heat can seep in through your door or windows and heat up your interior. More so, you must keep your air conditioner running at all times. The sun protection capabilities of a patio awning mean that the coolness you feel under the shade extends to your interior as well. As a result, you are much more comfortable and save money on energy costs.

Adds Extra Space to Your Home

Installing a permanent patio awning with an enclosure expands your home’s living space. So you get more space to hang out, have dinner, or do whatever you want. This extra space can be extremely beneficial, especially when you feel the need for a break from the house but are unable to leave.

Better Aesthetics

You will definitely get the admiration of your neighbors, friends, or clients when you install one of our nicely designed patio awnings. And that is, of course, good for business or, in the case of your home, your curb appeal. 

Increased Home or Commercial Premises Value

Most new additions to your home automatically increase its value. As a result, that free-standing or retractable awning will significantly increase the value of your property. Even if you don’t intend to sell anytime soon, property appreciation is always a good thing.

So, are you ready to protect yourself from harmful UV rays and finally enjoy your outdoor space? Select from our various offerings, which include:

  • Retractable awnings (remote control or manual retractable awnings available)
  • Traditional awnings
  • Free-standing or stationary awnings
  • Pergola style awnings
  • Storefront awnings 

And a lot more. We recommend permanently fixed awnings installed in conjunction with a framed enclosure for year-round awnings. This provides the best overall sun protection.

Why Pick Our Patio Awning Service? 

As you can see, deck and patio awnings have a lot to offer. Dare we suggest that it will be one of the best investments you ever make?

However, you are aware of the product’s advantages. What about the service that provides it? Here are some of the reasons why M & M Sign & Awning is the best choice for your year-round awning installation:

Can’t find what you’re looking for on any of the pages? No need to worry; while we do offer some unique designs, we are primarily a custom awning provider. That is, we design a shade based on your specifications and the design of your building. Everything from the size and style to the fabric and even the color can be customized.

All of our awnings are made of strong, long-lasting materials that we have tested on patios for years. We also ensure that the installation is sturdy, whether it is wall/window/door mounted or free-standing. As a result, make certain that your structure can withstand extreme heat, rain, and high winds without damage.

Do you want to start using your retractable awning right away? We don’t waste time between evaluation and installation. We will begin building your deck, backyard, or patio awning as soon as we have examined your property and reviewed your specifications. So you can be sure you’ll be enjoying your outdoor space in no time.

What is Our Process Like? 

Well, it is pretty simple and does not require much effort on your part. Simply: 

  • Schedule a Consultation: Call or email us to discuss your awning requirements. You can tell us what type you require here. Are you interested in motorized or manual retractable awnings, for example?
  • Site Visit: Then we come to your home or business to gather the finer details. We will measure your patio, backyard, windows, walls, or doors depending on where you want it installed.
  • Building: Finally, we will begin construction and installation. The work will be completed both on-site and off-site.
  • Finish & Inspect: When the job is finished, you can inspect it to ensure it meets your requirements.

Ready to Enhance Your Outdoor Living? Get a Patio or Backyard Awning Installed by the Best 

Have you ever wanted to relax in your backyard but the sun won’t let you? You can now enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors while protecting yourself and your loved ones from the scorching sun or the unpredictability of rain. Choose from our extensive selection of high-quality free-standing and retractable awnings.

Call M & M Sign & Awning at 631-424-5370 today for help selecting the right awning and enclosure for your deck, patio, windows, or backyard.


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